Real Love Isn’t Magic – It Multiplies (Part 2/3)

denise-croppedContinuing with the story of the five loaves and two fish, I find it interesting that Christ always went with God’s ideas and never seems to offer new ideas of his own for God’s consideration.

What if Jesus had seen opportunity for personal advancement by creating food out of nothing? Or what if he had taken the notion that he should educate the crowds with an example of the best foods to feed our God-given bodies? Or how about this: What if Jesus had materialized a banquet beyond what Caesar could provide to prove God’s surpassing greatness over the kings of earth?

I don’t want to prop up false arguments and be ungrateful for God’s blessing of personal advancement, nutritious food and God’s ultimate reign over all kings of the earth. My aim was to explain how in awe I am of Jesus for simply honoring God.

Christ showed us a generous and loving Heavenly Father, the One who created the crowd who at that moment were tired and hungry. Jesus was in tune with the crowd. He multiplied the small amount of food provided. It was a familiar diet, simple and nutritious enough to energize their minds for Christ’s teachings, and fueled their bodies to travel home safely. He showed what it means for God to provide daily food, and that humans live by spiritual teachings as well as the tangible gifts of food, clothing and shelter. 1

It is the thing of magicians to make something appear out of nothing for their own glory. I may be mistaken, but it seems that God never uses this device. He seems to always use something He originally created — a visible object — to produce something more glorious for Himself and of use, delight and service for humanity. I see in Scripture that “God…made the world and everything in it…” 2 God made the world, called it good, and I believe He knows how to best use His creation for His own glory. 3

It is I who must listen more closely, but I know my results fall so short. Yet, that distance between ideal and real simply proves why God Is and I am not; it’s an opportunity to be stretched by His great love and guidance. When I do, I am amazed at His love for me more than the work of my hands. And if I allow that love to flow through to others instead of holding it to myself, then God wins in my moment. It’s all about Him. I get to be amazed at what I have witnessed Him do one more time, which multiplies His love in me.


1 Matthew 6:11 & Matthew 4:4

2 Acts 17:24 (NKJV)

3 Genesis 1

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