God’s Reflection in People

denise-croppedGod’s gift of people in our life make the trip on earth worthwhile. Without relationship, we’d be lost. Granted, problems arise because of people as well. But God has always used people for his purposes. Without that framework, the wisdom and application of Scripture falls flat. For in the end, it’s about being related to God the way he wants as he holds the keys to life and death, including how we relate to others.

My writing will be centered on others and God’s work through them. I look forward to retelling the good stories and sharing the new lessons as they occur.

My father taught us growing up that we are not lone wolves, but that we are family in our home and at church. We do nothing without affecting the other and in turn are affected by our loved one’s victories and trials. But we don’t need to go it alone. We get to go along this journey of life with others!

I felt safe in family. I loved my upbringing in Brazil and will offer stories about those marvelous days.

Mom taught me to laugh and find the fun in life. She’s a story-teller par excellence. She taught me how to tell a story without tripping up too badly on the punch line, complete with hand gestures and wide-eyed expressions.

I had fun in my family. I am always most happy when with my family, and look forward to sharing some of those tales.

My husband John taught me that good things come to those who wait. He’s a Godly man. He’s been the biggest supporter of my desire to write and encourage. Without God’s guidance and John’s support, I couldn’t spread my writer’s wings.

I am grateful for my marriage. I look forward to sharing good stories on my husband John.

My brother Richard was a renaissance man, a good son, husband, father of three, loved Jesus, full of good thinking skills, a penitent heart when he realized he had made a mistake, shed real tears when offering the communion table talk, and bringing everyone to tears when telling a humorous story.

I thank God I got to know my brother as an adult before God took him home. I look forward to sharing more of his story when opportune.

My sister Andreia is the youngest and full of the joy of life! She is a good daughter, wife, mother of four, Christ lover, athletic, a prolific writer herself, with the wit of Wil Rogers. She is also a businesswoman.

I feel comfortable being myself around her. I look forward to sharing insights I’ve learned over the years from her.

I have many more family and friends, and stories that tie us together on this delightful and sometimes weighty journey called life. Each has their own wisdom. Each has a learning style. God has used them to teach me so many wonderful things and given me opportunity to grow while being among them. Without them I wouldn’t need to write. But because of their support, I get to write. And in the end, if they would enjoy the post, I then have met my goal, both practically and spiritually!

As my father quoted many times growing up after a scuffle, be at peace among yourselves. It’s about the other person and their perspective. For with understanding comes peace, and peace is the key to healthy connections with others, and a way to reflect God’s heart on earth.


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