Path Words to the Holy: Activist

GodReflection: Power Words

garyguarujaThose who meet God on the go find themselves on the Activist Pathway.

These are the worker bees.

Churches and civic groups love them. They are the hands and feet that fill the smallest of needs. To do is to find fulfillment.

They can hardly comprehend how the rest of us see their trail as a pathway to exhaustion. For it provides their sustenance with the Holy.

They are in our churches ready to knock doors, clean parks, paint houses, and stock food pantries. They cook. They serve. Need a greeter—they are first in line.

activist9Strange thing about these folks—even though they are delighted when asked to work on a task—they don’t stand around waiting for an invitation.

They are the volunteers.

Christians on the Activist Pathway take to heart the fullness of Jesus’ words when the Lord Jesus himself said, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.”

Their hearts beat in rhythm with God’s heart when they are up to their eyeballs in service to the Creator. They find His Holy pulse beats strong on the Activist Pathway.

Here is what I think.

activist3Those who walk the Action Path need an extra dose of wisdom and an extra measure of our prayers on their behalf.

We want to stand with them to call on the sustaining power of heaven to support their walk.

I suspect balance is the great challenge of their pathway. They love family and friends. They would never intentionally overlook the ones to whom they owe responsibility. However, their activity wiring calls for caution in overdoing.

Likewise, those of us who walk other pathways with God must remember the design of our trail is to connect with the heart of God rather than for the path to become an end in itself.

I am not to walk the Builder Pathway, Thinker Pathway, or the Intellectual; Pathway, just because I like to build, to think, and to investigate. I do so because there is where I most bond with the heart of God.

activist2I recognize my God-wiring isn’t conducive to walk as a fellow pilgrim on the Activist Pathway.

Yet, I do so admire those on that trail.

In many ways they more clearly portray Jesus ministering to his world than the rest of us do.

I can draw from their enthusiasm, service, and dedication to the Father as I attempt to follow the paths God wired me to pursue.

Father God,

How you must smile at those on the Activist Pathway. What energy and submission they demonstrate for the rest of us.

activist16What joy it must be to feel wired to do.

What satisfaction they must feel to be a cog of divine action touching the lives of others with the mist of your mercy.

Father, I pray that you give these special ones an extra balance of wisdom to select from their ever-attractive list of possible projects.

May they align where your desire in the use their joyous activity.

I pray through the name of the Father, Son, and Spirit,


Stay tuned.

Dr. Gary J. Sorrells – A GodReflection on the Activist as a Holy Path Word of Power.

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