LORD is a Big Deal

GodReflection: Power Words

garyguarujaBorn and raised in the Chihuahuan Desert in the state of New Mexico I was familiar with horn toads, roadrunners, rattlesnakes, and coyotes—not Lords.

We had a Mayor to kiss the babies, lord7a Chief of Police to send his crew into the street to handout traffic tickets, and a Sheriff to catch the bad guys.

Our town didn’t confer the title of Lord upon anyone.

I suppose I first heard the word Lord in church although I don’t remember the exact occasion. Later I heard it used as an exclamation that followed the word good.

I shouldn’t wonder that my first exposure came from my church environment since our people esteemed Scripture highly and Lord appears near seven thousand times throughout its pages.

Reared as a three-time per week church attendee and as a Sunday school enrollee, I suspect I heard the term Lord weekly.

lord29The book of Genesis sets the tenor of LORD as a designation for the Creator throughout the First and Second Testaments.

LORD is indeed a big deal.

I run the risk of letting the holiest word become commonplace due to familiarity. It is far too easy to move briskly across Holy ground without the removal of my shoes.

I want the power of the word LORD always to be close enough to feel, to touch, and to smell. I want LORD grafted to my heart. Maybe a more accurate expression is to say I want my heart grafted into the LORD’s heart.

The grandeur of the LORD is such that it encompasses God, Jesus, and Spirit. Were I to spend the remainder of my life reading and re-reading the near 7000 verses in Scripture that mention His name, I would fall short of wrapping my mind around LORD.

lord22He is with me. I am to listen, worship, follow, and praise. I am to submit to Him as Master. LORD makes Him master. This Master demands allegiance.

He is the shepherd who provides me with cleansing, forgiveness, sight, water, and bread. His power makes Him LORD of heaven and earth.

He is the LORD who will judge the earth. He is the LORD who provides me shelter within His own body—His perfect church.

This LORD gets my vote.

However, He is ruler not by popular vote but by HOLY authority. By living under His Lordship, I will transition from life eternal in this world to eternal life in the next.

lord27The logical question comes: “How did I let LORD become such a common and nondescript word in my daily walk?”

He deserves so much more. LORD must become a 24/7 power word that sticks closer to me than my own skin.

Stay tuned.

Dr. Gary J. Sorrells – A GodReflection on the Power Word LORD.

Gary@GodReflection.org      www.MakeYourVisionGoViral.com

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About Dr. Gary Sorrells

From birth to death, I am God-wired. My body is not as energized as in earlier times, yet as my soul runs toward the finish line it carries a dream. I want to give glory to God by writing. Only now is the timing right to lean hard into this gift from God. For the first time in life, the totality of my God walk with family, the church, academic training, work experience, life scars, and accrued wisdom, provides value to share through the written word. It is as if all of the trails of life are crossing at this point. My formal education includes the B.A., M.A. and the Doctor of Ministry degrees in Bible from Abilene Christian University. Between 1980 and 2011, I worked with the Non-Profit entity, Great Cities Missions. I currently serve as Director Emeritus and as a member of the Board of Trustees. -Gary J Sorrells Gary@GodReflection.org

One thought on “LORD is a Big Deal

  1. Dearest Dr. Sorrells (Precious Gary), Our LORD has gifted you to write. Thank you Lord for giving the world this man whose writings bless my life. Write on! Phyllis


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