Let’s do Truth AND Tradition

GodReflection: Power Words

garyguarujaI attempt to live out my commitment to Jesus among a group of Christ followers who hold truth as a core value.

Certainly, I want to cast my vote for truth. I want to live in quest of God. I want to honor and follow Jesus. I’m for truth.

However, what about the traditions I hold?

I’ve reach a time in my life where I find I continually revisit the question: “Is it true or is it tradition?”

Here’s my dilemma. I find value in both.

I have two considerations to keep before me as I re-circle my inquiry.

First, since I attempt to feed my soul, and second, since I don’t wish to block the blessings of Jesus for others, truth and tradition seems to be a legitimate area for self-examination.

tradition5I have no question as to the value of truth.

The truth is I have no question as to the value of tradition.

My dilemma regards traditions I confuse with truth.

The more I read Scripture and the more I reflect, the more it seems to me I am guilty of confusing the two.

Here is what I think. I like tradition.

tradition10I suspect it is ok with God if I hold onto both truth and tradition as long as I understand the place of each one.

There are good traditions and harmful traditions. In the overall scope of reality, harmful traditions are those that block the power of God from making needed life changes.

I don’t want to hide Jesus’ power from my life or from the life of others.

Like the banks of a flowing river, tradition provides boundaries for life navigation.

tradition4I surprise myself when I reflect on how traditions come and go within the context of family.

With children no longer at home, we don’t hold meals  hostage to traditions we followed when all gathered around the table.

Just as family traditions come and go; traditions come and go among Christ followers. I find some traditions tired and old that are just that—tired old traditions. These traditions are easy to eject.

There are traditions I once held as doctrine. Although, I changed their category from doctrinal truth to tradition. Some I still find them familiar and helpful on my journey.

Tradition can be a power word that provides focus and direction. The key is in discernment.

I want to hold onto traditions that aid my worship and my walk while being careful not to use them to judge others or to confuse good traditions as equal to truth.

Stay tuned.

Dr. Gary J. Sorrells – A GodReflection on Tradition as a Word of Power.

Gary@GodReflection.org    www.MakeYourVisionGoViral.com



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