Do I have to be a Disciple of Jesus to Love?

GodReflection: Power Words

So I say, walk by the Spirit—serve one another humbly in love—”Love your neighbor as yourself”—the fruit of the Spirit is love—Since we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit. Galatians 5

garyguarujaRecently, I received a rich paragraph from a precious friend:

I am reminded of my parents’ love. The greatest gift they gave me was affection. For better or worse, I credit God for using that affection to guide me where they and myself have not known what to do . . . My folks may have lacked some worldly knowledge at times, but they have never lacked love and care. They also have grown in Agape because they have sewn it all around and I see it coming back to honor them in their old age.

love1The power of love intrigues me. I add love to the growing list of things I don’t understand.

I am not to love power. I am to let love power me.

Paul writes to a young church in Galatia about nine gifts supplied by the Spirit. Perhaps it was the first church in the Roman province located in the land we know as Turkey.

love3Love is the first gift of the Spirit in the Pauline list.

Ok, I see sparks of love in people without allegiance to Jesus. In fact, I must admit love exists among people who haven’t heard the name Jesus and certainly don’t honor Creator God as God. What’s with that?

Here’s what I think.

When I peruse the list of the nine gifts of the Spirit, it occurs to me that every human being enters life with the spark of each gift. The nine gifts weren’t lost completely at the time of the Adamic garden expulsion.

However, each gift can only grow in its ultimate fruition when powered by the Spirit. Outside of Jesus, love never will be as rich as God designed it to be.

Rich love—the kind in Paul’s list of nine—only comes as a gift from the Spirit.

spirit10It is only by a life in Jesus—walking by the Spirit—that provides fertile life soil for love to become a real word of power in my life.

The more love grows—the deeper is the transformation. The more love grows—the Spirit gives me a greater share of love to spread along my path as I interact with my wife, my children, my close friends, and even casual acquaintances.

It is only the power of the Spirit living within that I have the hope to reach the point where I can one day declare I love my neighbor as myself. I have to believe the power of love can take me that far—even though it is not yet even on the distant horizon.

Since love is the one-word descriptor of how all will know I am a disciple of Jesus, love is a power word I want to see grow.

Stay tuned.

Dr. Gary J. Sorrells – A GodReflection on the Power Word Love.

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