I Can’t Live Up To Jesus’ Standard

GodReflection: Power Words

garyguarujaIt’s the gold standard.

The idea that underpinned the gold standard was a worldwide agreement on the price of gold and the agreement of nations to refrain from the issuance of currency that would exceed federal gold holdings.

standard10The reality check came when the limit of gold in the world made it impossible for nations to live up to the standard. The result is that money—far short of the standard—flies around the globe.

Nations failed to live up to the standard.

I’m a baseball nut.

No doubt about it—baseball is my favorite spectator sport. Batting Averages stand judgment over skilled hitters.

In theory, the highest possible standard for a player is to hit 1000. That means a batter must get a hit each time he/she stands at the plate. The standard—although described in standard2manuals and rule books—is out of human reach.

Ty Cobb holds the record with a batting average of 366. He was the best hitter in the history of baseball and not even successful one out of four times he came to the plate.

Baseball players fail to live up to the standard.

Jesus outlines God’s gold standard in the Sermon on the Mount.

It is an impossible standard. I cannot meet such a high standard. As I open the Gospel of Matthew to chapter 5 and standard13read the sermon’s 111 verses all I see is my inadequacy.

Sure, I may get a hit now and then but I am not close to the poorest big league batting average. If I could obtain a Ty Cobb 366 performance level on the sermon’s standard, I would shout for joy.

When pride knocks on my door—it is time to reread the sermon.

When I think I have discipleship figured out—it is time to reread the sermon.

I’m a long way from the standard outlined by God through Jesus in the mountain sermon.

Jesus’ sermon is the gold standard of my walk. The problem is I can’t measure up. I find myself facing life with paper money. My life doesn’t have the gold of perfection to back my walk.

Do I give up as I face a standard I can’t meet?

There is power in the standard set by Jesus. The good news is Jesus lives up to the standard.

Here is what I think.

My desire as a disciple of Jesus is to lean face forward into the stiff wind of Jesus’ standard.

standard7I will not fully meet his standard while I live on earth.

However, two things happen. Because of my trust in Jesus and the cross, Jesus backs my currency. He steps to the plate and stands in as my pinch hitter.

Yes, God longs for the day when I will be perfect at the plate. For now, Jesus covers my inadequacy.

The second thing that happens is transformation.

As I lean into the strong wind of the Sermon on the Mount, its sand blasts against me as little by little, I become a faint image of the teacher’s portrait.

Here’s the good news.

There will come a day when I awake in the Throne Room of God. Sure, there will be all of the wonders and glories of heaven. However, my greatest expectation will become reality. I will be changed—I will reflect the standard of Jesus to perfection.

Jesus’ gold will back the standard. My bat will hit 1000. I will be like Him.

Stay tuned.

Dr. Gary J. Sorrells – A GodReflection on the Power Word Standard.


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