King Beats Democracy

GodReflection: Power Words

garyguarujaThe theory of living in a democracy is that we rule ourselves through our vote.

Growing up American I don’t need a king. There is the House, the Senate, the President, and the Supreme Court. As an American, I am smart enough to rule myself, thank you.

When I signed with God to follow His way, democracy was no longer fit for spiritual governance.

I signed on to accept governance by a king.

king10There are still times when I place myself on the throne to sit beside the real king.

I make a lousy king of me.

When I set my own kingdom rules, I lower the gold standard for me. However, I don’t lower the bar of my expectations for others. When my fallen persona kicks in it is all too easy to lower my bar of expectation just for me.

That is only one of many reasons why Jesus makes a better King of me.

king4For hundreds of years God promised to send a son of David to rule His people. David was a good king. Christ is the perfect King. David died and the people placed him in a Jerusalem tomb. His reign ended. Christ the King arose from a Jerusalem tomb to reign forever.

That same Jesus Christ wants to be my King. Likewise, I want Him to be King of me.

He sets the gold standard for righteousness. His gold standard does not fluctuate.

king13When I reduce His standard in a weak moment, He steps forward with a tear in his eye from disappointment and with love in His heart from heaven. He directs His love toward me. He pulls from his blood treasury the gold coins I lack and covers my shortage.

Christ is the King of me I need.

He never leaves the throne. As a citizen of King Jesus, He gives me free access to the throne room. He made an agreement with me. As long as I honor Him as King of me, He will honor me as His learning subject.

king8He even adds to the deal. By honoring Him as King of me, I become a member of the royal family. Perfection is not required of family members—only love and a heart that does not want to disappoint the King.

He is the King of me I need. Today I will do my best to serve Him. I don’t want to see the tear fall from His eye.

To remember each day who is king becomes a strong word of power to lead my walk.

What are your reflections on your relationship to the King?

Stay tuned.

Dr. Gary J. Sorrells – A GodReflection on King as a Power Word

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