God Waits

GodReflection: God Waits

aboutChristmas was a huge tradition for this little kid.

We weren’t much into connecting Christmas with the birth of Jesus but went all out on the gifting, receiving, and family feasting, aspects of the holiday.

My parents played the complete Santa Claus game. I am somewhat surprised no one climbed upon the roof with deer hooves for Santa slay sound effects.

What brought the excitement was the waiting game. The word “anxious” didn’t do justice to the act of my anticipation. Eternity described the wait for the Christmas Eve gift exchange and the Santa Claus’ visit while I slept.

My childish concept of wait pales when held against the Wait of God.  However, santa3anticipation is common to both.

After an eternal wait—God created.

The premium of creation was humankind. God would wait until just the right moment for His garden visit to enjoy His creation.

Satan messed with the garden and God drove His prime creation outside of perfect creation.  Immediately God began His wait for restoration.

God waits since humankind’s garden exit.

The length and patience of His wait is beyond my understanding.

He waited for creation to love Him in return. Only Noah returned God’s love.

After the flood cleansed the earth, He again waits through the centuries for a heart turned toward Him. He finds potential in the heart of Abraham. God continued to wait while Abraham’s heart grew.

He wanted a great family to love Him so God waits for the hearts of Isaac, Israel, and their children. After hundreds of years, God finds complete love and trust in a man called Moses. Again, God waits.

The Israelite’s love for God is all over the chart—mostly moving downward. Centuries passed before a Shepherd boy named David appears. The Creator finds in this hillside lad one with a heart shaped like His own.

God still lacked heart-descendants that numbered like the stars of the sky and the sands of the seashore. God waits.

The heart of His nation is sick and cancerous with sin. God can bear it no more. It pains Him to demolish Jerusalem and the Temple. He brings a northern nation to destroy the ones for whom His heart waited—leaving only a remnant exported to seventy-years of captivity. In the bonds of captivity, God finds kindred hearts in Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. He renews the promise of His love—and waits.

advent4Centuries pass. God waits and prepares hearts like Mary, Joseph, Zechariah, and his wife Elizabeth with their son John. Each opened to God a heart of love and obedience. They honored the relationship God was waiting for.

As Mary gave birth of the Son of God—fathered by the Spirit—humankind began to witness God’s love in a new way. God sent His Son to show the people His own heart. Jesus said, “Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father.”

Beginning with James, John, Peter, and Andrew, Jesus walks through the Gospels to  seek those who will turn their hearts to God.

As the Gospels move to a close, it looks again as if humankind will reject God. The residents of Jerusalem kill Jesus.

Then—God acts.

He raises Jesus from the dead. Jesus appears many times to His disciples and ascends to the Father. This time the waiting message came from two angels who witnessed the ascension with the Apostles.

“This same Jesus, who has been taken from you into heaven, will come back in the same way you have seen him go into heaven.”

Within a few days, Jesus sends His spirit to a convicted crowd who cry out, “What must we do to be saved?” Three thousand people repented, entered baptismal waters, and received God’s Spirit.

waiting6Today, as God waits His heart’s greatest desire moves toward fulfillment. The miracle promised to Abraham and the Prophets becomes reality. Those with a heart for God like Abraham now number as the sands of the sea and the stars of the sky.

At the end of God’s wait, He will call Jesus—at just the right time—to return to earth to begin His eternal reunion with countless daughters and sons from all nations. He doesn’t want to miss one loving heart.

Until then—God waits.

Stay tuned.

Dr. Gary J. Sorrells – Reflecting on the Advent of God.


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About Dr. Gary Sorrells

From birth to death, I am God-wired. My body is not as energized as in earlier times, yet as my soul runs toward the finish line it carries a dream. I want to give glory to God by writing. Only now is the timing right to lean hard into this gift from God. For the first time in life, the totality of my God walk with family, the church, academic training, work experience, life scars, and accrued wisdom, provides value to share through the written word. It is as if all of the trails of life are crossing at this point. My formal education includes the B.A., M.A. and the Doctor of Ministry degrees in Bible from Abilene Christian University. Between 1980 and 2011, I worked with the Non-Profit entity, Great Cities Missions. I currently serve as Director Emeritus and as a member of the Board of Trustees. -Gary J Sorrells Gary@GodReflection.org

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