Pondering Heaven Today


What will Heaven be like?

EXIF_JPEG_T422I see only as in a dim mirror. By faith I know God reigns there, is worshiped by the heavenly hosts and one day all of his people will be there.

Meanwhile we wait. We seek to bring Heaven to earth as Christ prayed.

These are semi-organized, so I ask forgiveness as I imperfectly roll out my thoughts.

While the church doors are open and ready to give us work to do, there is a holy privilege of work to do among family and friends. All of it falls under the purview of God’s Kingdom work.

My father is recuperating from recent surgery. I will go see him today. We will talk of Heaven and Christ. It will guide our conversation from humor to weighty matters, though sometimes we never mention Heaven or Christ.

John and I recently moved into the Houston area and we are visiting congregations. We have had a feast of churches to choose from. The congregations we have visited so far have been very welcoming and kind. We didn’t feel judged in any way. They have simply invited us to return and some have called to see what they can do for us. I have come to believe that Heaven is found on earth when congregations seek God first, people second and their own survival third. It seems like congregations survive when people are taught and served as Christ would, which reaffirms us that God is alive.

I recently met a woman at the most recent church we visited and she asked if we could have lunch. I said yes and look forward to getting to know a new friend because of Christ.

Church work goes beyond church walls and swallows social media. Social media is fine as a last resort, but is not a good substitute for face-to-face. Eye-to-eye contact is a gift in itself.

Heaven is found when laughing and crying through life with others, and working together as we can during the week, and always serving the needy where possible as if they were us.

Heaven is in our homes if we are in Christ and His Spirit has come into us. Heaven follows us to work when we allow it. As well, Heaven envelopes us when found in fear and loneliness and empowers us when we might otherwise be crushed.

So today I sit in silence, until it is time to go to work. I ponder the riches of glorious fellowship in Christ through meditation, and then I will find joy by being with people. I will seek to enjoy it in the middle of my work that my work might be more fruitful.

Some may say, “Denise, your life is so simple, you don’t know mine.” True, I don’t know yours. But my life is not so simple. But my aim is to fight those complexities and life-puzzles first on my knees in prayer and work with my hands the way God would approve. It’s all I can do. As Gary said in a past post, “I can’t fix it.” But God can in His time. Mine is to be faithful above all else.

I also am living with eyes wide open having lived in both small and medium towns, as well as three great metropolises, one in South America and two in the U.S. Sometimes having seen things I wish I hadn’t, but in it all, Christ and His church have been there. It is hard to keep quiet about such a gift that is Christ and His precious church, which is the portal God chose by which we should view Heaven more accurately.

Like you, by faith and obeying with what I know today, my aim is to see Him face to face – In Heaven.

When I get to Heaven, I want to say, “Thank you Jesus! Thank you for bringing Heaven to earth. Thank you for saving me!”

Meanwhile, Heaven is waiting today on earth in some form.

Who is out there needing a cup of coffee, a hand of encouragement, a laugh or a deep discussion on a matter only fellow Christians can enjoy? Who out there has not heard of Heaven and in need of a loving Christian to guide them to Christ?

Just wondering.

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