Prayer Journal Entry: 6/19/2011


Hymn: Fill Me With Your Presence Lord

Fill me with Your presence, Lord,

as my mind feeds on Your Word.

When temptations come my way,

be my strength just for today.

May my heart be opened wide,

grant me courage to abide

in Your Word made flesh,

which lives in me; O, Spirit, refresh!



You Oh Lord know our beginning and end.

You give us all a chance to find You by being aware of nature and the preaching of Your Word.

How You weigh and measure us leaves me speechless and full of worship for You.

May our thoughts praise You and be stopped when they don’t.

Forgive our evil thoughts and thank you for your Son.



Dear Lord and Holy Father,

How great is Your understanding of us.

Men entrap us with their words and deeds. Even some who claim to live for You…

But I too am one who fails. I misunderstand and misinterpret others, but You O Lord never do.

Your judgments are correct and sound. They aim and hit the heart.

You are to be praised forever. Why You reveal Yourself to me is inexpressible.

Keep me humble.

In Christ Alone,


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