Just Add Kindness

denise-croppedWhat is it about kindness that makes any difficult job a bit lighter? It makes words that are hard to say roll off the tongue a tad more smoothly. It builds a bond between people.

We know when it’s missing. When we leave that important spice of life out, it hurts somewhere in the pit of our soul and we want the moment back where we forgot to add in that grain of kindness.

But life being what it is will offer another opportunity just around the corner.

The opportunity for kindness is no respecter of persons. It will present itself in the most surprising ways when we’re open.

Kindness is a component of God’s Good Spirit’s work in our lives. And guess what? There is no law against the Fruit of the Holy Spirit – everyone likes receiving its benefits. So let it out that others may see God today!

It’s free for the giving and free for the receiving. This giving and receiving of kindness builds bonds, builds teams and ties families and organizations together better than any rule or Policy and Procedure manual.

So why not drink a bit more deeply of the kindness well today if your tank is running dry. Share its delights with others, and in turn humbly receive with thanks the kindnesses others are offering.

It might transform your day, your year, this season, and in turn do the same for those surrounding you. Simply writing on the subject of kindness is making me more kind in my heart and mind.

So today I ask myself, “Self, would you rather be kind and sleep well tonight, or give into to being your raw self and puff your mind up with excuses as to why you weren’t kind?”

What was the kindest thing someone said or did for you recently?

Just wondering.


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