The Aroma is Free

denise-croppedMy favorite type of shopping is food shopping. On a busy day, the carts fill the aisles like a Tetris game, beckoning me to find a way through a catawampus puzzle.

I see friends and catch up with the latest town news, family accomplishments or a new way to use the product we’re hunting down in that same aisle.

On the way home I love to plan a good meal. Once home I make it real. I cook and savor the aroma as it fills the house.

If I step outside even for a moment and walk back in, I am overcome sometimes by the onion, garlic and fresh herbs from my father’s garden that envelopes the air. It’s as if a good friend has come into the house and is now filling my senses with beauty and comfort.

Mom’s kitchen still smells like comfort to me when I visit. Warm memories return, and raw sorrows are soothed when with those who emit that loving aroma.

An aroma is free. No one asks me to purchase a ticket to have an olfactory feast. The same is true for love. True love does not demand a price, but lays down itself so another might better understand it.

I deeply believe that those who are in Christ came because someone allowed Christ’s aroma to waft about.

How much more savory it is when two or more are gathered together allowing the Spirit to reign over our minds, words and actions.

It is this aroma that attracts anyone.

Am I offering God’s goodness to others today freely?

Right now I’m not wondering. I’ll simply seek to do better that which I already know.

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