Spirit Walk

aboutThe Spirit didn’t exactly grab the church bulletin headlines during my youth.

At baptism, I heard the words, “Upon your confession of faith, I now baptize you in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit for the forgiveness of your sins.”

Later I learned the Holy Spirit was alive but no one knew for sure whether He resided in the inspired Bible or in Christians—they somewhat doubted the latter.

I saw those in the church who obviously walked by the Spirit, but vocabulary of the Spirit Walk was missing from language and from a definable concept.

filled with holy spiritWe knew He didn’t heal, so we made fun of the “Holy Rollers” tent meetings as people sought the Spirit and received Him by going into a trance and rolling on the ground.  As visiting teenagers we were called out by the Pastor and told to leave because we were having too good of a time as back row spectators. I suspect it to be a fair assumption that the Spirit did not lead our actions.

As I matured and dug deeper into Scripture, I began to understand that Jesus, prior to the ascension, lived on earth to show me God. After His ascension to the Father, He lived in His church—through Believers—to show God’s love to others.

Jesus shows God to the world by residing in Believers through His Spirit.

The Holy Spirit of God and Jesus lives in me.

Wow, I am Holy-charged.

Ok, got it.

Now, how do I live life?

Bible studyHere is what I think I know and where my understanding is currently. It seems hard for the Spirit to work through me until I understand His purpose and what He wants me to do.

Therefore, it is important for me to reside in Scripture.

I want to understand as fully as I can who God is and what His aim is for humanity.

In addition to Scripture, I read from others to learn how people—now and throughout history—understood God and His purpose. This gives me a lens that helps me see if indeed I understand God’s Word.

Important to my own process are close mentors who serve as sounding boards for my thinking.

Assuming I am committed to Jesus and have somewhat of a grasp of His purpose, I collaborate with the Godhead to shine their light on a dark world.

Grounded in Scripture, I can begin each day with the prayer, “Lord, I want to work with you today. I want to be your light. Walk with me and give me holy eyes to see opportunities and needs that You and I can meet together.”

Success is in the eyes and in the heart. Both must be in tune with the Spirit.

One more thought. I remind myself how the Spirit is more powerful than most credit. He can do “Big Hairy Audacious Tasks.”

In life there is always a faith gap. By that I mean in most tasks I see how to accomplish initial steps. What I can’t see is the end steps beyond my ability or my resources.

questionroadI find when I walk by faith with the Spirit, it is He who completes what I initiate.

Now, for my unity thought. I cannot imagine the Spirit participating in disharmony. The more I consciously live the Spirit Walk, the less I will find myself participating in actions or conversations that divide the body of Jesus.

Let’s be Spirit Walkers.

Stay tuned.

Gary J. Sorrells Reflecting on God and Cross Church.

4 thoughts on “Spirit Walk

  1. Thank you.. good thoughts.. Walking by faith in the Spirit. Understanding the Spirit’s place in my life. Allowing the Spirit to live and guide my life.


  2. Dear Gary, I really appreciate what you share in these e-mails. I just started reading these when I recently received notice of a change of address. I particularly liked today the thought of being “holy charged”. I, too, grew up in the sort of atmosphere of the spirit being only in the Bible. I am so very thankful that God began to teach me about His Spirit when I went to Pepperdine for college. And, after that, with the church on Long Island NY. God bless you, Gary, and your precious Claudia. I send love and hugs for you both.


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