Perish a New Thought

Why are old thoughts comfortable and new thoughts threatening?

One might think, as God’s prime creation and especially after my redemption by Him, the mind wouldn’t be so intimidating. Powered by Jesus within, I should now be a fountain of creative thinking.

However, for some reason thinking is hard work. I hate seeing fellow believers upset when another Christ follower advocates an insight beyond the status quo when thinking about God and truth.

Status quo says leave me where I am. Don’t make me think.

cover-ears-upGod says I made your mind to seek after me. How can you grow like me if you don’t think?

Is it possible that thinking new thoughts facilitates breaking fellowship?

If I base my giving and receiving fellowship on my commitment to the Jesus of the cross event and upon growing like Him, shouldn’t innovative thinking be my friend?

Operating from the posture of a life transformed by Jesus, I desire for His thoughts to be my thoughts and I want my thoughts to glorify Him.

As a disciple of Jesus, I am a kingdom thinker. I want the rule of Jesus to be in the life of every person on earth. If Jesus placed me on earth to work with Him in this mission, I assume He wants me to be creative in reaching out to fellow earthlings in and out of His church.

Christians should always be at the forefront of creative thinking. Let’s not be guilty of presenting a stale replica of Jesus’ church before those who don’t know the Savior.

yes-were-openLet’s be bigger than letting creative thoughts break the fellowship.

Could it be possible that without new thoughts, it is not only the thought that’s lost, but unsaved people will also perish?

Stay Tuned.

Gary J. Sorrells on Cross Church.

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