Just Me

“A Christian is someone who thinks nobody else is.”

I never met Wells Farnham—a co-founder of John Stott Ministries USA—however, I do appreciate his wry sense of humor.

Often when going to lunch or coffee by myself, I tell others I am going to have a committee meeting with me. Those meetings are easy. Outstanding ideas emerge and a unanimous vote of one concludes without a struggle.

Even when I add me and myself to I, decisions of three pass quickly and without dissent.

It takes little effort to see the world as just me.

When it comes to my definition of righteousness, I need only to look in the mirror—now that isn’t being truthful.

speckIn reality, I define righteousness by what I think and what I expect of others. Because a true look into the mirror reflects less than my definition.

I can’t be as righteous as I sometime demand others to be.

True story—on one occasion when visiting the nation of Uruguay, the handful of believers—the only ones left—told of their preacher formally dis-fellowshipping his own wife over a matter of opinion. Now, that would make for a wonderful home atmosphere!

Deciding who is and who isn’t a Christian is not a God assignment on my Christian job description. God does not need my help on that one. He knows I would make the wrong judgments.

It might just be God can recognize His own children without my help.

When I start to move the perimeters of the fence inward, it doesn’t take long until it is just me and I can reach out and touch the four sides of the fence without taking a step.

What’s wrong with this picture is the “me centeredness”, rather than gazing upon Jesus.

long fenceThe better I am at making Jesus my Gospel, the more my fence expands. When I filter my fellowship with Christ followers through lamb blood, I discover that I am not an only child.

It is not just me—I have brothers and sisters around the globe.

Wouldn’t a less comical and more accurate description of Christian be, “A Christian is a child of God who loves all his or her Christian brothers and sisters and those of the world who still live in darkness?”

Perhaps one day I can more closely meet that definition.

Stay tuned. Gary J. Sorrells on Cross Church.

2 thoughts on “Just Me

  1. Thank you, Gary. I am always challenged and encouraged by your postings. I am trying to read them all but I have a hard time keeping up with you. I know I will continue to be blessed by your love for Jesus as I read through each of your posts.
    Thanks for sharing your heart,
    Ann Baker


    • It is encouraging to hear from you. To write is to challenge myself as I attempt to think through what I feel to be important topics for my own life.


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