On a photo shoot in the great city of Brasilia, my lighting guy plugged the bank of Photo Spot Lights into the wall, and with a blinding flash—and a resounding bang—glass flew.

Lesson learned. Don’t stick 110 circuit lights into a 220 circuit.

God wired me for 110. When I attempt to function in a 220 circuit there is a flash, a bang, and flying glass. The Creator wired me for the way He wanted to use me in His world. I am not a dynamic 220 volts. I function at 110.

Over my first 25 years, I discovered my wiring pattern. God wired 110 volt gifts into my spirit for his use. At age 66, I can identify each one. I have high functioning gifts, those that function at a mid-range, and low-level gift that I use on occasion.

To think creatively hits closest to my divine wiring. I am functioning at my highest gift level when drawn into creative thinking.

I love to sit around a table with others who are genuinely interested in solving a problem. In that setting, my energy spikes.

boredStatus Quo is comfortable. Nothing can—nor will—change within the Status Quo. That is what Status Quo is. That is why a church of the 1950s is booooring to residents of 2013.

The church of Jesus is never boring. Boring comes from a lack of creative thinking.

It is difficult to settle with status quo when I know that creative thinking applied to status quo makes a better tomorrow. It is not a better tomorrow made by me. It is a better tomorrow made by God working through His creation.

Both Jesus and His apostle Paul affirm the church to be a body of people who each bring different gifts to the church.

Recently, while visiting a church, a wonderful person made the comment, “our church no longer knows how to reach our youth with the saving Jesus.” She wondered aloud, “what are we doing wrong?”

Here is my question.

If God purposefully wired some of His children with the gift of creative thinking, are those of us who received that gift being negligent and disloyal when we don’t use His gift to make the Church of Jesus more relevant to the lost people of God’s world?

How can one love God’s Church and Christ’s Bride and not want the mirror of the church on earth to reflect as perfectly as possible the divine image before hurting humanity?

I love the Church. I hurt inside when I see a church failing to be what God wants it to be.

It is my desire to convey that spirit as I apply my own gift of creative thinking and encourage you to applying your God-given wiring to make the church on earth the closest we can to reflect Jesus’ image.

curtain-openingAs I move forward with this series of posts on the Cross Church, my intention is to ground my thoughts in Scripture as closely as I know how. At the same time, Scripture allows room for creative thinking.

Let’s make it possible for others to see Jesus.

Stay tuned. – Gary Sorrells

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