Garden Press Release

If I were God—how would I describe the Eternal Garden?

How can God describe His celestial reality to me, a mere bug, who fails and struggles with human communication?

I can’t even describe the taste of peach ice cream.

I have both human reasons and God reasons for my desire to live in God’s restored garden. I am not sure that I can sort the press release into God reasons and my reasons.

Without celestial language and the benefit of first-hand, eternal reality, this would be my best shot at writing a press release for the Eternal Garden. It is an exercise at describing the indescribable:

The Eternal Garden is the culmination of reality. I fully intend to be me. Whatever progress I made on earth towards growing like Jesus with be retained and be transformed into perfect likeness.

With great anticipation, I look forward to my forever body. My new body will not need or know pain. Deterioration will cease. I will live in a perfect house.

grass-8I envision a new heaven and a new earth. There will be no day and no night. God will reflect His full light and energy upon His new creation. The sun, stars, moon we have known will no longer exist. God, His Son, and His Holy Spirit will power all things new.

My expectation is a celestial equivalent to Eden. Beauty and peace will be beyond anything I can possibly imagine. I will enjoy God’s presence on the shores of alpine lakes with perfect climate control and no annoying insects.

It will be a great reunion with my earthly family. I await with immense anticipation the reunion with my sons, my parents, grandparents, cousins, aunts, and uncles. I can hardly wait to meet great grandparents of family legend.

The hint of deep friendships cultivated on earth will find no boundaries in the Garden. Throughout life, I meet wonderful people whom I would love to know but time and geography, space, and emotional capacity limit our friendship. From books and media, I learn of God’s people past and present whom I will never know in this life. I look forward to a full relationship with God’s servants of all times and places.

God’s Garden could never be boring. There are times when we unfortunately equate church and our worship services to heaven. How many times have I heard the comment, “if that is heaven, I have no interest.” My heavenly body and heavenly soul will no longer have a boring setting. Principally, because there will be no boring to measure.

After the resurrection, Jesus new body passed through walls and enjoyed grilled fish on the shore of a lake.  It will be grand to have a body that can appear at any place in God’s wonderful garden.  There will be no need to depend on a donkey, a camel, a car, or a plane for transportation. I will be God-powered.

Oh yes, my press release needs a headline. It might be, “Make Your Reservation Now—Destination Defies Description.”

Stay tuned. – Gary J. Sorrells

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