Thanksgiving Today

In November, we celebrated a day of thanksgiving for country.

Today, across the globe is a day of thanksgiving for God’s gift of His Son to take upon himself the sin of the world.

My commitment to follow Jesus means the cleansings all sin that formerly stood between God and me. It is a good day to say, “Thank you God.” It is a good day to say, “Thank you Jesus.” The gift is one I do not deserve. It is a good day for Thanksgiving.

Throughout this holiday season, our tree sparkles with lights and ornaments. Several of the ornaments are valuable due to their origin. Designed and presented by little hands of our children during their childhood, the ornaments remind me of my deep gratitude to God for our children—what precious gifts. Thanksgiving is today. “Thank you God, for our children.”

Gifts piled high graced the tree. The colorful wrapping paper and the bright ribbon bows gleamed as we experienced the joy of giving and the gratitude of receiving. Abundance seemed an apt description of the scene. I received more than I need. Thanksgiving is today. Thank you God for gifts received from caring hearts of those we love most.

Today as we reflect on God, I encourage all of us to express our gratitude to God and to those we love.

Stay tuned. – Gary J. Sorrells

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