Generous God

Isn’t it interesting how many adjectives define God? Generous is such a word. Without God, we rob the word generous of its ultimate significance.

It is the season of Christmas. Children receive orientation and limitation for gift selection while in Malls with a parent or a grandparent. It is one of many steps and occasions to teach little ones generosity.

Regardless of the age, a child knows about gifts. Little ones love to reverse the correct perspective. For them it is always better to receive than to give.

There are times I still identify with the little ones. I value nice gifts. A new gadget, a neighbor ringing my doorbell bringing banana nut bread, a gift card for a coffee shop or for a bookstore, brings a smile to face and heart.

James, the brother of Jesus reminds me, “Every good and perfect gift comes from God.” James is not speaking of the gadgets I love, although I suspect God is behind many of the wonderful packages.

When feeling low, He most likely is the one sending the banana nut bread my way. What better way could there be to get my attention than to send me a book containing a message I need to hear? A coffee shop card is useful to fasten me into a booth with a cup of coffee to reflect on His goodness toward me.

Throughout the season of Christmas, God’s perfect—and greatest—gift catches my attention anew. I meditate again on the centuries of anticipation surrounding God sending His son to the manger of Bethlehem. I try once more to comprehend the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus—a gift that cost heaven more than I understand. I think again, about what it means for God to accept me through Jesus and to live with His Holy Spirit inside of me.

All of the above will make possible the gift of living with God in His eternal and perfect garden. Surely, these are the good and perfect gifts place by God under my tree in bright packages, beautiful ribbons, with my name unmistakably written by His hand.

What wonderful gifts for celebrating a Generous God during this season.

Stay tuned. Gary J. Sorrells

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