Hurting Body

The body is the perfect analogy for the church. However, there are times the body hurts.

It is a good time for a hurting body analogy.

I just experienced major bone surgery on my right leg to take out extra bones that came free of charge with my gene package. They were OK until they placed pressure on the Sciatic Nerve. Wow! That quickly became a number 10 on the doc’s pain chart.

Having dealt with extra bones since days of ether in the OR, I knew what the solution would be.

Once awake in the Recovery Room, the Sciatic Nerve pain evaporated. The only cost to me other than the $$$$$, is several weeks ahead of bone pain as I learn to place pressure on my right leg once again.

Did the Apostle Paul miss the analogy or can the body of Christ also experience pain?

The obvious answer is when I joined the body of Christ; the “pain free” waiver was not in the benefit package. Godly followers of Christ still experience pain, sickness, and physical death.

When Christ’s body is working with a high degree of health, its parts run in support of other members who are in pain. I could write a book on the number of times I watched that principle play out for me and for others over a lifetime. The church—Jesus’ body—performs a high degree of service in caring for body member pain.

In our modern world, the disease of Cancer reaches headline awareness.

Cancer is rogue body cells. They are diseased and cannibalistic. A battle for life or death begins when these scoundrel cells begin to attack and devour healthy body cells. Obviously, this is tragic for a body fighting for life.

Likewise, it is tragic when cancer cells attack the body of Jesus.

This too, I have witnessed far too often. It seems too easy for a cell to turn cancerous and turn on the body of Christ. The result is hurt and division. The offending cell contaminates other cells and the weakened forms of life divide away from the healthy body. The infected portion of the body remains sick until confession takes place and Jesus applies his healing salve to the wound.

It is my prayer, as I move toward eternity, that nothing I write, say, or do will be a cancer that hurts the body of Christ. In my last days may the Lord use my words and actions for health and peace. I don’t want the body of Christ to hurt.

As I reflect this afternoon while I sit at my keyboard, that would be a great way to meet my maker—traveling a road dedicated to following Jesus and doing all within my power to be a healer of the hurting body.

What are your reflections? Stay tuned. – Gary J. Sorrells

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