God wills to have fellowship with humanity. For that purpose, He created the garden. After Satan messed with the garden, he won a temporary victory competing with God for fellowship with humanity. God’s creation began to serve Satan.

God’s Old Testament Scripture is heavy in emphasis on holy justice. God had no choice but to execute justice to those who turned away and refused to accept God’s love and friendship. Justice is only one aspect of God’s nature.

The texture of his character is deep strokes of love, hope, and forgiveness.

Jesus came into the world to demonstrate God’s love for me and to put forth evidence that God’s greatest desire is to have fellowship with me and to make me more like the Father.

It is God’s will for me to spend the remainder of my life loving him with all of my heart soul and mind.

His will is for me never to miss an opportunity to show others how precious they are to God. His greatest desire is to have his creation return his love. It is only through Jesus that I can communicate this reality to fellow travelers. Others must see Christ in me if they are to see God.

How do I burn this reality of realities into my heart, soul, and mind? Shouting at bozos in traffic and rolling my eyes at incompetents behind cash registers must stop. I suspect Jesus would not act like that. It is not a little thing to be one who adds additional unpleasantness to others’ world.

The bigger mistake is to miss the opportunity to show God’s face of love to one who acts like my earthly self. Jesus is absent in my disdain for both bozo and cashier. My fellow creation misses seeing Jesus when I am not his reflection.

To see Jesus is to see God. As light reflects from the facets of expensive diamonds; Jesus reflects the multiple facets of God.

That makes my growth toward Christ’s likeness doubly important.

To become more like Christ is to become more like God who desires my fellowship. The more like God I become, the more I too will want to know him. The more l can be like God and his Son, the more I will look forward to life in the restored garden.

Remember, it is God’s will to have eternal fellowship with his creation, so it is important I live right before others. How sad it would be if a man, woman, or child missed eternal life in the garden because some un-Christ-like action of my life hides Jesus’ reflection of the loving Father.

To be Christ-like has value. It is who I want to be, and it is who I want others to be.

What are your reflections? Stay tuned. – Gary Sorrells

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