A God I See

After the garden, man moved farther and farther from Creator God. God’s primary creation gravitated toward gods of wood, stone, and sky. All were gods of the human imagination. People worshiped the sun, moon, and stars. The deeper the fall of man—the more despicable were his gods. Living in deep darkness, far from the light of Creator God, fallen man created gods with appetites for human blood, human sacrifice, and sexual immorality.

God often challenged people who held misguided expectations from their idols. Wood and stone are impotent. Wood and Stone are powerless. He would remind them that he alone was God and no idol could take his place. Still in the face of eternal reality, people made their own gods. Ones they could touch and see deceiving themselves by ascribing power to cold and lifeless objects.

History continued to move down the timeline of God’s garden restoration. Almighty God appeared to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Moses. He mostly communicated to the people through those he designated prophets. Periodically, he would show his power by miraculous acts. Acts not spread widely nor often witnessed. When they turned to God, he would act. The turning to God was so infrequent and by so few, God remained distant. Fellowship is a two-way street. God is not present where he is not welcome.

God is always attainable to those who seek after him. The New Testament letter to the Hebrews attests to the fact that many believers followed the one true God by faith. That faith describe as a confidence in the realization of the unseen promises of God. They received commendation for following God even though they could not see him.

Then God came down. His face was Jesus.

During the 33 years Jesus walked upon the face of our planet, through miraculous acts, example, teaching, and undisputable collaboration a multitude of witness from every occupation and lifestyle, Jesus displayed the attributes of God.

Words like love, compassion, mercy, joy, truth, light, peace, grace, friend, living water, healer, helper, life, honor, eternal life, giver, bread of life, resurrection, spirit, obedience, authority, trustworthy, free, sight, worship, forgiveness, abundance, sacrifice, justice, are each aspects of God we can see by looking at Jesus.

In the Gospels, we see Jesus’ show of compassion as he feeds hungry crowds. We see Jesus touched with sadness and understanding as he raises a woman’s dead son back to life. We see Jesus cry when a friend dies. We see Jesus touched over the plight of an abandon woman and over a woman used as a mere object by men. Situation by situation, Jesus is move with the plight of the blind, deformed bodies, and desperation over illness.

He hurts to his very core when people will not believe in him or in his heavenly father.

This Jesus, born in an animal stall, is the very lens through which I can see God. By looking at Jesus, I now have a God I can see.

I want to get back to God’s perfect garden. I can get there through Jesus.

What are your reflections? Stay tuned. – Gary Joe

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