God Comes Down

The Bible begins with the Song of Creation—In the Beginning God. God is there, the Holy Spirit is there. The prologue to the Gospel of John tells us Jesus was there.

I quickly get in line with those who fail to understand the Trinity with all of the implications. It seems this threesome in one is and forever will be. The Trinity is at work to restore the garden.

For thousands of years God promises an eternal king who would bring peace back to his creation. This king would have many names to describe his destiny on earth. He would be “God with us,” Jesus, the Messiah—sent from God. He would be Savior, Eternal Word, Life, True Light, one full of Grace and Truth, the Lamb of God, and one who would be the Perfect Reflection of God.

Messiah became the sound bite description of each generation as fathers and mothers move the hope of the eternal king from generation to generation.

In God’s perfect timing, the stars aligned and the roads led to Bethlehem, the city of the legendary King David. To the surprise of those awaiting the arrival of the Messiah, the occasion did not happen in palaces and with the press to merit the world changing event of the greatest king to walk the earth.

This king would exhibit the heart of God and not play to the desires of the people over whom he would rule. If one looked closely at this king, God’s nature would emerge.

It was incomprehensible the star leading to the place of God’s promise was a barn with a baby dressed in the most humble of rags, resting on pulled-apart straw for a makeshift bassinette.

To add to everyone’s astonishment, the birth announcement was not made by heralds, rulers, or the press. Angels made the announcement of the arrival of the King of the Universe to common field hands. Shepherds, keepers of goats and sheep in a field were the first to worship the King.

I doubt that even the godliest of God followers awaiting the arrival of the Messiah expected the long awaited King to be God Himself.

This baby King Jesus came down to earth in the form of God. He began his stay identifying—through the birth experience—with even the poor as he came into the humblest of settings. Before his birth and since his birth, millions of people were born in streets, stables, grass huts, mud huts, tents, and shantytowns across the face of the earth. They are his kind of babies.

“God with us,” came in the form of a human being to feel every hurt and every need felt by his creation. His love would touch from stable to palace.

God in the manger is a major step in history toward the restoration of the garden. He once again came down to walk with the people he loved.

What are your reflections? Stay tuned. – Gary

One thought on “God Comes Down

  1. I’m with you Gary. The trinity is not even a Biblical word. God is one. God is unity. Jesus said when you see me you see the Father. I think that we have to and need to live with the mystery. We err when we try to fit God into our way of thinking. God’s favor brother.


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