God’s Dream

I don’t understand it but God’s love is so great (the word great does not do this reality justice) that He created man so He might have a friend. This was to be the greatest of God’s creative works. Man would need a special place to live.

Earth would provide ground on which to stand. Sun, moon, and stars would provide light and heat. Oxygen, water, trees, plants, animals, and fish would make sustenance comfortable and possible. God and man would live and love in eternal fellowship.

The only thing lacking was a woman for man. What a beautiful creation she was.

God did not create a robot. Robots can’t love. Love can only come from free will. God’s purpose in the creation was to create a man and a woman who would willingly and aggressively, love Him back.

God’s spirit reigned supreme in His creation. Every act of man and woman would honor, praise, and glorify the Creator. Peace covered the face of the earth. Nothing more was needed. It was perfect. I want to be that creation and experience that setting.

What are your reflections? Stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “God’s Dream

  1. Thanks for sending me the heads up on your blog. I appreciate that you put in the effort to keep your writing succinct. I know that when I open the email it will be a short, insightful read. I appreciate that God has put you in my life to share and remind me of His love and desire for a relationship.


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